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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start?

Check the Projects database for a project that you would like to participate in or submit your own idea for a project. Please note that you need to create an account and be signed-in to see project details. To create your account, click the Sign In button in the menu toolbar. The Sustainability Connect Project Coordinator will work with you to connect you to an existing project team or – if you have submitted a new project – to develop a proposal and structure it into a solid sustainability project.

What are my options to participate?

If you are a student, you can participate by connecting with general projects, class projects, and School of Sustainability Capstone Projects if applicable, and there are various options for graduate students. On the project page, click the button indicating that you wish to participate. The project coordinator will approve your request beginning the individual process for participating in that specific project. Faculty, Staff and Professionals can provide students with real-world learning opportunities as well as join in on other projects of interest.

Are there projects specific to my major/program?

Currently there are options specifically designed to meet requirements at the School of Sustainability. We are working with other programs and schools at ASU to design specific opportunities for them as well.

Who can submit projects to Sustainability Connect?

Anyone who has registered an account with Sustainability Connect can submit their project ideas. We at Sustainability Connect will then work to make great ideas a reality. In addition we are constantly working to foster and create new and innovative sustainability projects to be posted on the database.

Can I find out more about a project before I sign-up to get involved?

If you still have questions about a project after reading the description and information available via the Project Database, then please contact the Project Coordinator who is associated with that particular project. Open the project that you are interested in and find the field "project coordinator" and simply click on their name to compose a brief email with your questions.

How can I acquire academic credit for the projects I work on?

Some projects may be eligible for academic credit if appropriately related to sustainability, and if a School of Sustainability faculty member agrees to supervise the academic component of the project. Undergraduates should first contact Caroline Savalle, Internship & Experiential Education Specialist for advisement on credit options and approval process. Graduate students seeking academic credit should contact Katerina Kinast. Credit needs to be approved by the add/drop deadline. Retroactive credit will not be approved.

Do I have to include everyone who requests to join my project?

No, it is based upon your choice. If necessary, ask the inquirer for further information

Will my email address be visible on the site?

No, inquiries about joining your project will be forwarded directly to you.

Who is allowed to add input and edit the web page regarding my project’s progress?

The Project coordinator is the only person allowed to use that function.